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I think that it is important to note that we cannot place the exact same terminology or even standards of behavior or belief on those of past generations as we do contemporaries.

There was a time, shudder the thought, that many (white) Christians saw no problem with owning slaves. There was a time that the destruction of those of opposing beliefs was seen as a service to God. It was during the reign of King James himself that Baptists were still persecuted. Great men like Calvin persecuted those who disagreed with them. These people were not evil; they were not enlightened to the full truth. We still have Baptist churches that have segregationist attitudes today. Their eyes are still blind.

I believe that many if not most of the "fundamentalists" who used different texts during the period of the early 1900's as well as those who lived during the first 300 years of the KJB who did not take a strong position on the text would very likely be right in the middle of the KJBO camp today, considering the overflow of corrupted versions and the emphasis that is being placed on the issue today.