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To the thread question:---I'm new to the Forums( though I've had the site on my favorites list for sometime now) and I don't know who is legit and who is here to cause trouble-... I'll post a simple answer from what I've heard/read over the years.

Probably, Yes. Possibly, No. The term is from the late 1800's/early 1900's when several solid christians noticed that many churches/groups/colleges were drifting towards ecumenical fuzziness, and doctrinal deviations . Some concerned laymen put up the money to put into print some messages which explained "The Fundamentals" of Christianity. One of the names often used in relation with those volumes {4 Volumes-now published by Baker Books} is R.A. Torrey and The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, on South Hope Street.

I've read many of Reuben Archer Torrey's sermons and a couple of his books over the years, and they are very good/Christ beholding/liberal-ecumenical thumping messages. But I'm pretty/semi? sure that Torrey was a user of the 1901 American Version, which was a younger brother of the 1881 English version, spawned by Westcott and Hort.

Try this website and you can see the volumes and the articles mentioned in each one.