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Very simple - Tell us a something about yourself.

When I meet another brother in Christ, before we "jump into" various doctrines, we normally share a word of testimony and tell each other something about each other.

What you have done (as a new member and a stranger) is to jump into several issues at the same time and at the slightest opposition from some regular members, you take "offense" and start judging our responses to you (a new member and a stranger) as "not being very Christian"!

Have you ever heard of "common courtesy"? Are you familiar with having some "respect" and "consideration" for the existing members? Or are you going to continue "LECTURING" us, as if we are a bunch of ignorant children?

"Common courtesy." You are asking me that? I thought to myself....gosh, this guy must be from NEW YORK CITY! Perhaps you forget who said........."even if we aren't interested in what you have to say." Or informed me that I wasn't off to a.....very "auspicious start" for a newbie and a "stranger" to boot" because I had the audacity to reply to posts.

I fail to see why you see this thread as "lecturing" anyone. As far as "telling you something about myself," I would ask...why? I love His it. I'm not here to meet new friends but I am here to learn and teach and discuss. If you feel that is impudent...I must disagree.

As far as I know, disagreeing with others is in no way lecturing or being is simply disagreeing.