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Originally Posted by Beth View Post
Excellent Jerry!

In repentance we turn from being slaves to sin, we forsake our sin, we turn instead to be in line with God's will. We surrender our own selfish will and follow Jesus. This is true trust/belief in Jesus, to follow Him.
Is this really what one needs to do to be saved? Do they need to actually be a disciple of Christ, by forsaking and following?

It's interesting to note that the word disciple does not even appear after the book of Acts.

Does a sinner really need to FORSAKE SIN first, then TURN?

Doesn't that wording eliminate the process of sanctification, and turn justification into works?

I am not having a go at you, because I am sure you would deny that a sinner must forsake their sins to be saved, because that is a works gospel. But the wording there is quite confusing, and also not right.

Salvation is

TURN from unbelief to God in believing the Gospel. That's it.

Sanctification SHOULD follow salvation, whereby we repent of our sins as a continual process and become holier, and while this does prove our salvation in some sense (to the world), it does not save us.

God bless