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First the best way to sort out all this mess is to first put things in order. Matthew,Luke, and Mark are Kingdom Gospels. this is why you find inthem things like repent forthe zkingdom of Heaven/God is at hand. this puts them in the dispensation under law because Chrst has yet to go to the cross. the teaching of Matthew seven is a Kingdom Doctrine for a yet future dispensation. Called the Kningdom Dispenation which is 1000 year in length. there will be many who come to give the Lord oblations so not to receive the curse of drought and famine if they of the nations don't come.

hence many call me Lord Lord. some God will allow to do signs and wonders but they are still not obediant to the Lord in their heart. Salvation by works alone in the Kingdom age. They can not have faith in Christ for they will all see him. you can only have faith in that which you cant see.

Faith alon is only for this current age of Grace. in which God is creating his Highest Idea for mankind "Redeemed men and women made into the Image of Christ"

keep you dispensation separate and you can study more easily. It is not the best but One Book Rightly Divided is a good place to start learning how to study dispensationally. Remember dispensationalism is not a doctrine it is a form of Studying the Bible through right Division. 2Tim. 2:15 KJV only by the way preserves that verse.