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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
So, your saying no repentance is needed for salvation? I'm just simply trying to say, it's possible he's not saved at all. He even admitted earlier he didn't know. Sorry the word of God offends you. It's not garbage. If you're not ready to repent YOU ARE NOT READY TO BE SAVED! But anyway, sir, if you're unsure of your salvation take it to the Lord Jesus! Careful calling the word of God "garbage" Stephanos.
I'm not calling the word of God garbage. I'm calling your false message of "repent from you sin to be saved" garbage. Like Vince said, there isn't ONE verse that says we Gentiles have to quit sinning to be saved (no I'm not saying we have a license to sin!!!). If you've found one, please do tell. My beloved brother Luke IS SAVED! People don't worry about being saved when they're not saved. Luke is just battling the flesh, like we all do. But his problem, like a lot of ours is, that we've come under attack from self-righteous block heads (Lordship Salvation Calvinist heretics) that think you have to be sinless and perfect to be saved. Well I hate to break this news, we're all still sinners. I'm a sinner. I'll be a sinner until I put off this grave of a body when I hear the trump. So instead of adding fuel to the fire with Luke, could you do something productive and encourage him and love him in Christ? I hope that's not to much to ask. Because if you can't help one Christian battling with sin come to assurance of their salvation, then you have no place on the pulpit.

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