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Originally Posted by buzzoff1031 View Post
What if my wife refuses this to. See, she grew up in a family situation that causes two problems. They taught her that whatever beliefs she has spiritually are okay. So obviously, she thinks religion in general is stupid. Also, her mom has had mental "issues" for a while. Her mom's bi-polar, agoraphobic, and a couple of other phobias. Also, her biological father abandoned the family when she was very young (like 2 or 3), and her step dad was a drunk cheat. The family counseling thing was tried and failed. So now she doesn't believe in counseling either. Going to a pastor for counseling...well, I doubt she'll even consider it.
I'm not sure you two need counciling (not that it would hurt later on, but it does sound like at this point in time it would make her very uncomfortable if you were to drag her into a pastors office). I just think your relationship with your wife needs consistency. Seeing you practicing what you've professed to believe will do wonders for her. My best advice I can offer is that you simply love her as Christ loves you. This, I think, will make her more open to what you've got in Christ Jesus. Oh and let her see you reading the Good Book everyday since this will be a huge witness to her that you mean business when it comes to your relationship with Christ. It may make her uncomfortable, but the changes she sees in you towads her will balance things out.

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