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This is a very good post my friend. I'm glad God loved me when I was a sinner and saved my soul from hell. If you are saved you are saved because God loves you and gave his son for you. This is real love. Then he sent the holy ghost to convict you of your sin and impress you to accept salvation. With out God's love for sinners no one would ever get saved. This is why he sent his son was to die for and save sinners.

When it all comes down to the real deal it's very simple. Without God's love we would all go to hell. He loved us, died for us and saved our unworthy souls from hell. I find the question dose God hate sinners a very foolish question.

The real question should be. Dose God love sinners? Yes he dose, I know, I'm a very unworthy saved sinner. I'm unworthy of his love, death, and salvation. Yet he gave me this free gift because of his perfect love for me. For this I am very grateful.


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