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Originally Posted by MC1171611 View Post
A just, holy, righteous God cannot stand sin in His presence; a sinner is someone who is covered in sin, and actively rejecting the ultimate sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus Christ. How could anyone love a person that refused to accept your sacrifice of a child?

This all ties in with the classic nonsense "God doesn't change anything." It's abundantly clear that God does change His mind, among other things, though His character and qualities are always the same. In essence, God is planning on putting a detestable sinner in Hell because He is righteous and cannot abide sin, and the sinner is actively refusing His incredible gift. However, when that person accepts Christ as His Saviour, He changes His mind from putting that person in Hell, to accepting Him in the beloved.

God is not like us; the only human that ever hated someone without sinning was David (Ps. 139:22). Jesus clearly said that if we hate someone, we're guilty of murder already. Therefore it is not our job to hate anyone, but God can do that and still be righteous and just and Holy.
I am sorry, can you clarify what you mean by David being the only human who ever hated without sin was David....I am not passing a verdict on whether you are right or wrong, I would like to see where you are coming from with that......Blessings.