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Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:
You show me how a man thinks and I'll show you how a man lives his life. The mind is what controls the man's actions.
Brother I'm with you all the way on this one with one small exception - The "heart" and "mind" are not the same.

I did and intensive study on the heart from April 2006 until October of 2006. I then worked on the study for another year - refining and revising it. I now have a 250 page (letter size) study on the heart, which of necessity also includes all of man's other attributes.
A man doesn't only consist of a body, soul, and spirit (Our "Substance") - We also possess a heart; a mind; and a conscience (Our "Faculties").

What I discovered in my studies is: Just as our body, soul, and spirit (our substance) are different from each other - so are our heart, mind, and conscience (our faculties) different from each other. {I never knew about these matters until I did the study and I have never seen or heard this teaching taught anywhere in 50 years.}

Our heart is our "MOTIVATOR"
Our mind is our "FACILITATOR"
Our conscience is our "REGULATOR"

This study began because a good Christian friend and I were discussing how in all the years that we had attended church that neither one of us had ever heard any real teaching on the heart, which prompted my friend to ask me to do a study and share it with the brethren in our church.

I have the study on my web page but since I posted it I have "revised" it several times (since my writing is not "inspired") and so it isn't as complete or as "refined" as my finished product.

Let me give you just a few facts and if your not satisfied, I would be happy to send you the finished Study - Free. (Comb Bound).

Some General Information (All numbers are approximate):

Number of verses [heart(s)] in Old Testament ………………...721 Verses
Number of verses [heart(s)] in New Testament …………….… 159 Verses
Total number of verses in the entire Bible …………………..… 880 Verses

Number of words [heart(s)] in Old Testament ………………..784 Times
Number of words [heart(s)] in New Testament ……………… 166 Times
Total number of times in the entire Bible ………………….…. 950 Times

Number comparison with mind & conscience in the Bible:
Mind(s) …………………………………………………..….. 108 Verses 111 Times
Conscience(s) ………………………………………………... 30 Verses 32 Times

After copying all of the verses on the heart (thanks to Swordsearcher), I downloaded them and carefully reviewed all of the verses a half a dozen times and Collated, Categorized, Compiled & Cataloged them. When I was through I had the Scriptural definition of the Biblical "heart" (It's a lot more work than Strong's or Webster's, but it's a lot more accurate than their "personal opinions".)

The following is the Scriptural "Definition" of the word "heart" (Webster & Strong aren't much help when it comes to "spiritual" definitions)

The heart is the center or seat of our: 1 thoughts, 2 meditations, 3 considerations, 4 perceptions, 5 concepts, 6 reasoning, 7 understanding, 8 beliefs, 9 imaginations, 10 fears, 11 doubts, 12 counsels, 13 intents, 14 desires (affections - emotions), and 15 pride. The heart is where the 16 will resides and operates.
1. Job 17:11; 2. Psalms 19:14; 3. Deuteronomy 8:5; 4. Deuteronomy 29:4; 5. Acts 5:4; 6. Mark 2:8; 7. Proverbs 8:5; 8. Romans 10:9-10; 9. Genesis 6:5; 10. Isaiah 35:4, Luke 21:26; 11. Mark 11:23; 12. Jeremiah 7:24; 13. Hebrews 4:12; 14. Psalms 37:4, Colossians 3:2; 15. 2 Chronicles 32:26; 16. Psalms 101:2, Psalms 119:69, Psalms 119:145, Isaiah 32:6, 1 Corinthians 7:37, Ephesians 6:6.

The total number of verses in the Bible where the word heart (hearts) has a different application than the overwhelmingly predominant Scriptural definition given above:

1. Exodus 15:8 (the heart of the Sea)
2. Exodus 28:29-30 (physical)
3. Exodus 28:29-30 (physical)
4. 2 Samuel 18:14 (physical)
5. 2 Kings 9:24 (physical)
6. Psalms 104:15 (physical)
7. Psalms 37:15 (physical)
8. Proverbs 14:30 (physical - double meaning?)
9. Isaiah 6:10 (physical - double meaning?)
10. Isaiah 19:1 (the heart of Egypt)
11. Matthew 12:40 (the heart of the Earth)
12. Luke 21:26 (physical - double meaning?)

I do not believe that God does things by accident or on a mere whim. It cannot be by “coincidence” that of the 880 verses in the King James Bible with the word heart or hearts in them, only nine (9) verses refer to the physical heart and another three (3) refer to the heart of the earth, Egypt, or the sea. (There may be a few more - like: the heart of Jerusalem; or the heart of the city, etc., but not many) All of the remaining 868 verses refer to a nonphysical/spiritual "faculty" of man that God has chosen to call the heart. {I.e. the Biblical Heart as opposed to the physical heart}

In order to complete the study I ended up having to doing the same extensive study for the words: mind; conscience; spirit; and soul also - which when they are all combined, still do not equal the number of verses for the heart. (I don't have room here to give the verses, but) - The following are the Scriptural Definitions for those words:

The mind is that faculty within a man or woman wherein resides our intellect or intelligence. In the Bible the mind is separate and distinct from the heart in purpose, though sometimes similar in function and operation.
The conscience is that faculty within a man or woman wherein resides the awareness of right and wrong (good and evil), and which influences the heart and mind as to the lawfulness or unlawfulness of our own affections & actions. According to the Scriptures the human heart and conscience are separate and distinct from each other in purpose and in operation.
The spirit (pertaining only to mankind) is that substance [which is given by God] within a man or woman wherein our very life resides i.e. the spirit is life itself. In the Bible the spirit is separate and distinct from the heart and the soul in purpose, though it may have some similar characteristics.
According to the Scriptures the soul is that substance within a man or a woman, which is created at the moment of birth, (when the body receives the spirit) and which is the very essence of their being. The soul within a man or woman is that substance that distinguishes mankind from all of the other living creatures in God’s creation. The soul is that substance which separates an individual from every other individual and makes them unique.
I can't condense 250 pages into one, but you get the idea.

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