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Originally Posted by Will Kinney View Post

“Why do you King James only people attack the word of God?”

By His grace believing The Book,

Will Kinney
Will, I salute Daryl Coats. My observation, and I'm sure every other Bible believer(along with God) is this. It was my position in the Yahoo Wars with Robycop and the other heretics in the mid portion of this decade, it's my position now and will remain so. I am Tony Bones, I change not, the same yesterday, today, and forever:

Ro 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

The Original Manuscript Fraud cannot be nailed down positively on this question: Is there such a thing as an uninspired word of God? The OMF, the "MV"er are by and large parrots and sheep, bleating and parroting other's statements. This is what I had to deal with dealing with Gary Hudson in the late 1980s. They rarely think a proposition through. The question is one like the question I have posed to many Campbellites: Was Jesus Christ's water baptism a work of righteousness or unrighteousness? That's obvious, He was sinless and never commited an unrighteous act, and His baptism was a work of righteousness, but we are not saved by works of righteousness but through His mercy He saved us(Titus 3:5). It's a corner they are painted into, such as the corner the "MV"er is painted into by Romans 10:17. There is no such thing as an uninspired word of God, and the OMF has to fall back on "the message" being "inspired". That mean Karl Barth is the only man in history who ever understood what "inspiration" was?

The faith that saves is found only in hearing, or reading, the word of God. Our faith causes us to believe, He gives us His faith whereby the Holy Ghost of God seals us unto redemption through this imputed faith. I have days I don't have the faith to get myself across the street let alone heaven, His faith He gave me is the true "perseverence of the saints". His faith is what keeps me in His Body This entire operation can only be found in the Scriptures, spoken or read, where our belief causes His words to effectually work in us. My point?

The point is if only the original manuscripts "are"(were) inspired, there has been no salvation since tha manuscript containing the gospel of Christ decayed.

This is why I keep hammering home Jack Chick's message on the penetration of the Body of Christ by Jesuit agents: The Catholic Church's whole message is that salvation is not found in the Scriptures, that God does not effect salvation through His words, but through the Catholic Church itself. Faith in the inpsired Scriptures, in copies and translations has to be destroyed. The war on the words of God is not a Muslim plot, not a Wicca plot, not a Hindu plot, but a Catholic one.

Thank you again for another enlightening and edifying message.

Grace and peace brother