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Dear friends,

I just wanted to say a heart-felt 'thankyou' for all your prayers and advice. I also want to apologize to any whom I may have caused to stumble by using the terms 'clinical depression', etc. I now realize (thanks to George and others) that there was indeed a spiritual aspect to what was happening... something I hadn't even considered or had been too proud to admit.

Without going into too much detail, my wife and I are having regular meetings with the local minister who married us. As he and his wife know both of us, we've had some valuable insight into the major cause of our troubles. We now are in a position to move forward and, with God's grace and His word, things are coming together. Slowly, but surely.

I'm learning a lot through these circumstances, and even non-Christian workmates have noticed God's calm in the midst of the storm.

So what else can I say but thankyou all, and thanks and praise the the Lord Jesus Christ for His guidance, faithfulness, and "peace which passeth all understanding" at this time.
May I continue to learn and His name be glorified!

Thank you,

Rob (W.I.E.Y)
Rob, you have received wonderful, Biblical encouragement/edification from George, Diligent and JaeBird. Praise the Lord for brothers and sisters in Christ!! They are correct, "depression" is a spiritual, (or lack of spirit) matter.

I would also like to encourage you. I'm so happy to hear you are receiving your counseling from your Pastor and not the world.

I once was in a miserable marriage, (not saying yours is miserable). My husband was not saved and of course an unequally yoked marriage is miserable. Although, I was saved, I also was dealing with spiritual matters and I was not honoring my husband. The way I was acting, I would never have been able to win him over. I was also on a power trip as many women are in these times. My husband was pretty much checked out and I made the decision to move from an emergent Church into a Fundamental Independent Baptist Church. My husband fought this decision at first, but was won over by the loving-truth telling congregation, especially our two wonderful Pastors.

The older women of the Church worked with me and really helped along with God's Word to get me on the right track. I started to respect my husband, no matter how he treated me. My husband eventually surrendered his will and the Lord saved him. Praise be to God!! I now have the marriage I only dreamed about. Not perfect... We now are looking to scripture to learn our roles and treat each other the way God has intended. We receive regular counseling sessions with our Pastor and his wife. They still need to straighten us out from time to time. Especially me... It has been hard to shake my independence and stubbornness!!

When we treat our spouses as God intended, this is showing our obedience to God. We honor God with our service to Him.