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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
I don't ever remember a time I accepted Christ as my Saviour. A time when I did business with God, so to speak. I remember reading a chick tract many years ago, and feeling guilty and condemned, but I also remember not changing after that at all... My memory is kind of all mushed together, but if the order is right in my head, then after I read that tract, I remember being all weepy. I am not sure what I did about it though. I think I thought I was already saved because I went to church and was raised to believe the truth.

May God have mercy on my soul.
When you accepted Christ as your Saviour is not as important as the fact you DID accept Him. If you are so concerned with the timing factor and that you can't remember when you got saved, then by all means do it NOW so you can get on with serving and knowing Christ. If you need a date then let it be the 24th March 2009!