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More than likely he is one of these internet evangelists that substitutes the true gospel for repentance and works and quotes nothing but Matthew 7:21-23 and James chapter 2.

He was probably originally influenced by Ray Comfort, and then found Paul Washer through one of the billion links to his "Sermon so shocking and (un)biblical he was never invited back".

Noone here has said a sinner has a license to sin. But there is a difference between being saved, and serving God. There is a difference between salvation and discipleship.

You post as if we here are all loving our sin, rolling about in it while shouting "Grace Grace, God's Grace!"

This is the impression that I get from the "forsake your sins to be saved crowd". I am pretty sure they think free-gracers love sinning and just want an excuse for it.

As I have said before, the evidence of Salvation is BELIEVING Jesus died for your sins (don't quote James 2 at me. The devils believes in one God, and it mentions nothing about the atonement in that whole chapter).

1 John 5:9-13 tells us that if we believe the RECORD that God hath given of His Son, we are born again. John 3:16 tells us how to be born again. Salvation is easy. Discipleship is hard.

I would agree with everything you have said above about how a Christian should live, but you give away your mentality in the first line.

Vince said nothing about sin or self willed pleasure (and I must ask, do you have any non-self willed sin in your life?), yet you respond as though he is saying that sin is a wonderful thing.

Is the Kingdom of God the end of our salvation?

Jesus said it was on earth IN US.
Paul said it was not meat and drink but joy, righteousness and peace in the Holy Ghost.

So if a saved person is walking in the flesh, they won't be walking in the spirit, and they won't have peace joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. They will be doubting, worried, anxious and chastised.

EDIT: There are several threads on eternal security in here. Perhaps you should browse through one and take your argument there?

EDIT2: You picked and choosed your verses carefully in regards to Abraham. First of all, the covenant between Abraham and God was unconditional. God was the only one that promised anything. When they cut the sacrifices to seal the deal, Abraham was set aside, and God alone moved between the covenant sacrifices. Abraham was not a part of it. Secondly, he wasn't entirely patient was he, since he tried to sort it out his own way and slept with someone who was not his wife, bringing all sorts of chaos about for Israel. Thirdly, his first reaction to God was doubt.

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