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Amen, biblereader, Brother Tim and Jassy.

It seems we are on the road to fascism in this country. I won't fight it outside of "the system" lest I be fighting against the Lord. It seems clear to me that the Lord is judging this nation for the magnitude of innocent blood shed on this land. Just like Britain before us, we as a nation have turned away from the light of the Gospel of Christ toward humanism and paganism and occultism.

I absolutely agree with Jassy's assessment. Yet, I don't want to suffer, I hope the Lord comes back today to take us out of this world! We may end up seeing how great things we too must suffer for His name's sake. I never in my wildest imagination thought things would move downhill as quickly as they are in the US and Europe.

Jassy, thanks for the VOM link. I agree with you so closely on just about everything you've written, so far! Praise God!