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Originally Posted by George View Post
Aloha brother Sammy,

Please check out the following Links (there are hours of viewing & hearing, and reading) to see what is taking place WITHIN the so-called "Fundamentalist's ranks" in the good ole U.S.A.

Hyles/Anderson College and many of those men associated with it are "switching" their "FINAL AUTHORITY" in all matters of faith and practice from the English Holy Bible (the King James Bible) to the "HEBREW" and "GREEK". {The videos & audio are from Jack Schaap and several Hyles/Anderson College Professors - in their "own words". There is also a short "critique" by Gail Riplinger demonstrating what is taking place.}
It's a very sad thing for me. I've heard a little about these things, and now the unbelievable reality has happened. Following some links posted led me to their give-away CD contents, and you're right, Bro. George: "It should have been called the "Hyles/Anderson Summit on why "we" do NOT accept the King James Bible as our 'FINAL AUTHORITY'!"

I'm not associated with the Indiana church or school in any way (although a Filipina acquaintance working in the US is currently churched there), but I am very much concerned when another big Fundamental Baptist leaves the KJV.