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Default Do Roman Catholics Go To Hell

I am a former Catholic. I say without a doubt in my heart that All Roman Catholics go to hell. My reason for saying this is: Once you are saved (Born again by the redemption of Christ Blood) You can no longer call yourself a Roman Catholic. You are either a Roman Catholic relying on the Church to get you to Heaven or a child of God relying on the Blood of Christ to get you to heaven. You cannot have both.

You may continue to go to the Catholic Church for various reasons. We had a friend who promised his dying mother he would attend the Catholic Church while she was on her deathbed. He kept that promise to her but never once denied that 'The BLOOD OF CHRIST WAS HIS ONLY REDEMPTION." He was no longer a Roman Cathoilic, He was a child of God and I know we will see him in glory.

Catholics have a saying, " once a Catholic, always a Catholic". I praise the Lord that He is my Saviour and that I am no longer bound by the Laws of the Catholic Church.

Yes, all Roman Catholics go to Hell!

Saved by Grace.