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yeah UPON HIM not INDWELLED HIM! read the english as Ruckman says.

theat is OT spirit upon but today we are filled to over flowing life. you will find inth eOT many instances of a man being filled with the spririt but only for God's Puerposes then it was removed.

being filled gives us an advantage in Grace we can be filled daily by the Holy Sirit, and have His power to live the humanly impossible christian life through the Spirit. God inno other dispensation has provided for every believer the pure power of God for their life and character.

Read my post on Spirit filled to the max in the emergent post maye you might learn something Jerry. oh but you seem to be so full of yourself knowledge there isno room for th eHoly Ghost to teach you.

Cynicism is never list in the fruit of the Spirit. oh yeah and when we say Biblical we me that it was authorized by God. not heathen dancing or wilderness dancing.