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you know what is so amazing down here in Palawan Philippines I have seen stuff that some Christians only read about in mythology class, or some old missionaries journals, I have seen where they came up with those little baby heads with wings flying around the RC Churches. This place is a demonic stronghold. I was street witnessing one day and had a demonic possessed woman come up and hit me with a punch that would have laid out a WWF wrestler and I stood there as if it was a fly landing on my cheek. because the Holy Spirit was the one who was moving and not me.

the floating heads in the darkest night we would command to leave in Jesus name never even speaking a word from our mortal lips but in the Spirit from our hearts and they would flee. Giant black shadows and Satyr's run away as we approach tribal villages just for a few hour visit to encourage the brethren.

and it would only be natural for us to see all the counterfit spiritual manifestations and every form of Unity for the sake of unity. they say we need to drop our denominationalism (though I am not a denomination) and just come together to serve the Lord. If we did that with our currency we would have no value. People forget the value there is in the multiplicity of the church. but to just through sound doctrine out the window for the sake of worshipping together. I think I will not thank you.

the sad thing is many of those out there that may read this form will never even know what we in the missionfield go through trying to bring the Gospel to one lost soul without enough support to even pay for our monthly needs for me and my family. and when I do get to the States by Gods grace many churches wont support us because they want to support only Orphanages. there are five of them down here and the missionaries that run them haven't led one person to Jesus the Whole 11 years I have been here. they live like kings and Queens with all their servants washing their clothes and drive around in their nice fully paid fully insured SUV's and MiniVans. while others like my self walk for 7 mile in hope some one has deposited some money in our account so we can buy some food to eat and get some soap so we can take a bath. some poor guy finally gave me a motor bike. you beleive that a poor Vietnese guy give an American a motorbike so I can get around better. I cried that day.

but I will tell you we have never gone hungry, we have had unsaved people knock on our door at 930 at night just to give us 2lbs of dried sardines and 10lbs of rice. of which after I take it into my house and pray for them. I go to my room and cry at the lack of faith I have in trusting the Lord to supply my every need.

I have seen 17 our of 25 young people get saved in one night at a home Bible Study. and because they live so far away from us and are just a poor as we are. we recommend them to a Bible Beleiving Chrit preaching church that is near their house becasue we can't get them to our church 4 mile away.

Well that sounded sad but just this week we got a multicab and if the Lord keeps supplying we wil get it all fixed up and be picking them up from now on. as many of them end up struggleing so hard and droping out of church because they are trying not to do things rather than just focusing on the Spirit in them and Christ eminating from them. their hearts are neglected as the preacher at the Bible preaching church focus on thier outward appearance and not their inward beauty in Christ by God Holy Spirit which indwells them.

so the Next time whne the Jerry's and Liveli stones want to knock what we have to say let them come down here where I am at And I will take them to some of the poorest peopel in the worldfor God has blessed the poor to be rich in Faith. I will put them in the one of th most demonic places they have ever visited and then lets see how well they hang and how well their faith holds out when they see al their money gone and praying for their next meal, praying for lost souls is the food you will eat at some meals. but hten right as they are ready to go to bed hungry. the LORD will MOve and they too will be filled with Joy of their Salvation that their God has given them all the riches in Christ Jesus Right now at their finger tips if they will just allign themselve with him and stop focuing on themselves and their understanding.