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I read that Lancelot Andrewes was conversant in 15 languages, John Reynolds had a photographic memory and a "third university", and Miles Smith was a walking library.

How about the NIV translators, anyone?
Yea that is ture about Lancelot Andrewes and John Reynolds. Yea the new versions had some great "scholars" in them. Lets see, first off, Wescott and Hort were closet Catholics, Wescott as a spiritualist (ie, he blievend in talking to the dead) and he was a member of the Gostly guild. I was also informed that Wescott lost his ability to speak. Also Hort embraced evolution.
Well I don't know much about the commities in the ASV, RSV, and what not. I know that there were a few others in them that lost there ability to speak.
In the NIV commite the chairmen was an admitted unrepentent Sodomite. The Ladie (I am being generus in calling her a laidie) who was head editor and was in charge of gramer, and styll, was a lesbian.
Thats something isn't it. I know that King James may have played Tennise, I know that some of the translators were Amilleialest baby sprinklers. But they were all saved humble men of God, who would never dare to correct the Word of God.
You know, during the OT times, if the preist who was doing the sacrfice, even brushed up againsed something unclean, the whole sacrfice was counted unclean, and they were required to start again. If the roots of the new versions are corrupt, then the fruit will be corrupt also.
That is why the body of Christ is in the shape it is in. Because these bastardised versions have corrupted the word of God. Thank the Lord we can still find his word perfect (no, you don't need greek or hebrew to know what God said) in the AV, The champion of all books.