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To everyone who has bid me hello, thank you very much for the warm welcome, I am sorry for not replying earlier, but I mislaid my details, so I was unable to log on, Dohh!!

There is one thing I does cause me heartache, when we have our Wednesday night bible study, or at the reading of God's word during a service, I always have with me my trusty KJV bible, and I find it sad, that often either 1 or more verses are omitted in the newer faulty New Testament translations, and more often they are very important Scriptures, for our blessed good and salvation, it seems that many people do not consider it of vital importance, as they think all bibles are God's word, which is clearly not so, I do try to educate them when an opportunity arises, but it seems they buy into the publishers sales pitch and slogans of new, better and easier to read etc bibles. I do pray for the Spirit of Christ to open up their heart and minds to this essential issue of what and which is God's word to mankind, that they may come to know and believe in the Living Word Christ Jesus and written word of God the AV. amen.