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Default King James Easy Reading Version

I have a few different copies of this edition of the Scriptures, but I haven't cared much for the physical presentation. The "full" one is very large and the pages so thin the print shows through from the other side of the page, making it hard to read. The smaller editions are so small they're hard to use. For some reason the publisher didn't seem to make a medium sized edition.

As to the modernization, I do find it "smoother" to read. They index whether a "you" is plural or not, so even though it is easier to read, you can still see if it is a singular or plural usage of the word. The large version includes a list of every "modernized" word.

I certainly like it better than J.P. Green's Modern King James version, which is very wooden and has what seems to me a few strange translations (though it has been so long since I've read from it that I can't recall any right now).

I do know that when reading the Scriptures before my children (now ages 10, 12, and 14), that they seem to comprehend better when reading from the NKJV (in general). While I tend to stick with my KJV Bible, there are portions that leave my head reeling. This is a good thing, though, as it makes me look into Scripture all that much harder! Also I (usually) be sure to read the KJV before using the NKJV and will point out where the NKJV is using inferior wording.

Hope this helps. If what BibleProtector claims is true, that the KJV is the perfected Word of God in English, then we really should work harder at just using that version, though...

Doug A.