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It is not an issue of who it is for or not for. the issue is who is it written to.

All scripture is for our learning, there may not be doctrine for the church in some but there is application. I said above how I determine doctrine and that without limiting the rest of the Bible.

ALL The word is important. you don't see the Hypers just printing out Bibles with only the letters of Paul for their members to use. if you will follow one of the members posts who is hyper you will notice he uses the other books just to prove what is not for the church today according to their understanding.

Is that how we are to use scriptures?

Is that what the Lord says how the word of God is to be used?

NO and without posting the scripture addresses the Word of God is to edify, it is to cause growth, it is to help keep one from sin, is is to encourage, it is for admonition, for learning, to bring joy to ones heart, it is to nurish, it is to cleans, it is to point the way to Jesus Christ, and it is to glorify God and Christ.