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I suppose, I should make my thoughts clear as Greenbear has made hers. Of course, I go to the Word before I go to anyone else (and after). When I said "consensus" I suppose I meant your interpretations of the Word...backed up with verses of course.

I understand that God loves both men and women and that we have different roles. I believe that women are not to be preaching. I do, however get confused (by the way, His Word is never confusing, but our own thoughts confuse us ) as to what my role is/should be.

I try to take the Bible very literally. When I read that women were to keep silence in the church, I became fearful that I would have to sign my way out after the services .

Then I thought, well, now that Christ has died, the temple is inside us and we can't be silent at all times so Paul must have simply meant that we couldn't preach or have authority over a man in the building where we gather to worship and we can still chat etc. afterward.

THEN I thought about the verse which speaks of asking our husbands at home if we were to learn something. I thought, this seems pretty clear that I should not talk to anyone inside the building, even about the service.

I dunno, talking about this again gets me all confused. AND on top of that, this summer, my employers might ask me to introduce pastors at the pulpit! I'm not comfortable with that. Isn't this what Paul is talking about? Please pray about this summer.