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I get the feeling that you don't know what you're talking about. Why don't you study around the campus and see if you can find out what it really means to "correct the Greek." The idea you're promoting as fact is hardly the case. (You can find the correct view in some threads on this site if you look hard enough!)
Absolutely right! Ruckman has explained this so many times that it's almost monotonous.

He has reasons for what he says, and they make sense. But people simply gasp at the concept - - - "How dare he! Surely he doesn't mean that!" - - - without ever investigating why he says it.

Hint: How many souls have been saved by the preaching of "the originals?"

Another hint: How many of us have "the originals?"

Yet another hint: Are "the originals" arranged in premillenial order?

And, yes, one more hint: Isn't it nice that there are spaces between the letters, words, and sentences of the King James Bible?

By the way, pbiwolski, I'm PBI '89. Nice to meet you!