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The chief problem with trying to unite KJBOs and anti-KJBOs* in any form of fellowship is that neither side views the other as equals. Just as you, Just-A-Thought, and others can come to this site and then return to FFF and chortle among yourselves at the foolish ignorance of us KJBOs, we KJBOs can go to FFF and observe your commiserating.

* The term anti-KJBO, which title you claim, is by definition an adversarial position. I have those with whom I can have a level of fellowship who do not believe the KJB is the only Bible to use, yet they do not consider my position to be extreme. Instead, they see me as intense in my faith, and at a level that they themselves have not ventured. We can banter quite well about the subject, but there is a degree of respect. With the anti-KJBO, the whole agenda is to discredit the KJBOs position. I prefer to call you an adversary, for "enemy" is too stark a term, but we cannot find much room for fellowship since there is little on which to unite.