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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post
The part of your statement that I don't necessarily agree with and hope to prove the opposite is the idea that "I" am right or that because I feel it is right for me that I mandate it for others and I certainly hope that over the years I have learned to love the brethren despite our differences.
Sister Amanda, I wasn't saying you have ever had the attitude of "I am right" or that you feel it is right for you to mandate that others accept your personal opinion. You've certainly not come across that way to me. What I said and meant was that you seem to have a drive for truth, right versus wrong, and have a desire to get things right. I think those are good qualities and I was complimenting you. I was simply probing to see if my discernment about you is right. You seem to be that type of personality. My wife is like your husband. Although she loves truth, she does not like the intense back and forth stuff that goes on between believers on this forum. Anyway, I was attempting to discover if you are as I observed. I was just trying to get to know you. I think Jassy and Jennifer have the same personalities from what I can tell.