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Default Hates the sin or the sinner

Hi forest/Amanda!

What I was getting at in a rather long-winded response was the fact that; yes God loves people (even His enemies), as the cross is the ultimate demonstration of that. But what I was attempting to get across was that workers of iniquity are highly displeasing to God because of His holy and righteous nature. Yes God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked but He also has no pleasure in the lives that they choose to live. So it sounds to me that Godís hatred of sinners is seen in their final outcome, as they wonít be under eternal damnation as an act of His unconditional love for them!

We (as Christians) are sinners, but redeemed and thus under the forgiveness of God because of Christís finished work. As there are sinners out there who will always love their sin and reject the God who made them. People whose consciences are seared, others who have been handed over to their lusts and others who are (at the expense of their own free will) out there to hate God no matter what He says to them.

I think that the overall life of such a rebel will be the direct object of Godís wrath, judgement & damnation, which I see has a person whom God hates. The life of the sinner cannot be separated from the sinner himself and it is also key to approach a subject like this from Godís eternal prospective (which means that He see things outside of the boundaries of time). What I mean by that is that God decides whom He loves and hates from what His prospective not ours!

Hope this comes across a bit clearer

God bless