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Originally Posted by larryb View Post
Quite a mischaracterization since Covenantal Theology does not promote the practice of animal sacrifice.
Covenant Theology is absolute garbage and heresay...the church never replaced Israel and God is NOT finished with the Jews...I believe Romans 9,10,11 are clear and countless other Bible prophecies that reformers seem to have swept under the rug. Calvinism is just one big mess...bottom line.

I'm sorry but this is one of the reasons why I absolutely reject and detest Calvinism...They hold the writings of the reformers as inspired and infallible and also...they exalt these men to the point of worship...Augustine, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, RC Sproul, James White and on and on it goes.

No offense Larry but you obviously have an agenda here and that's to spread your reformed theology...but I call it a doctrine of devils, I'm not buying what you're selling, thanks anyways, I'll stick with the word of God and not man's opinion and interpretation.

It's quite scary.