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Originally Posted by peopleoftheway View Post
Not that I assume what you are "teaching" IS DIRECTLY from John Calvin, what I am "saying" is that It is clear that you approach the Bible from a reformed perspective, that stems from the teaching of John Calvin, I personally REJECT all 5 points of Calvinism and have no intention of discusing the teaching of it with anyone unless it is in refutation of it.
Yes, i am Reformed and not dispensational in my theology.
No, that teaching does not stem from the teachings of John Calvin. It would be more accurate to say that it stems from Augustine, but even more accurate to say that its source is the Scripture itself.

Originally Posted by peopleoftheway View Post
The 4th Commandment was part of the ceremonial law given exclusively to Old testament Israel
Strange how 1 out of 10 commandments would be only for Israel and ceremonial in nature.

Consider that the Sabbath rest was given at creation, before the fall, and not just to Israel but to all of mankind in Adam. That's why the commandment in Ex 20 starts with "remember" is not a command that started with the nation of Israel at Sinai, but rather one that had been in existence from the beginning.