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My opinion is if you begin to doubt the KJV in even the smallest area of Preserved inspiration you will begin to doubt other areas of the KJV.
When one understands where the line of inspiration is clearly drawn,that is, with the words of Scripture themselves, then doubt does not enter the picture.

Ok, under that logic let's examine.

If the books of the Bible are inspired then they would of existed from the Beginning, which they do not.
Chette, you are doing yourself what you have previously (and falsely) accused me of, twisting my words.

"the beginning" NOT "the Beginning" was my wording. I was referring to the time of the original manuscript of each book and their Divinely preserved copies, NOT the beginning of time/creation. The titles, verse numbers, and chapter numbers showed up far later than the original writings. They are not inspired as the Scriptures are.