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Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post
Folk, if the titles of the books (and chapter & verse divisions) are inspired, they would have existed from the beginning, which they do not. Secondly, there could be no debate (if titles are inspired) as to the WRITER (not author) of Hebrews because (most) KJBs have Paul's name in the title.
Ok, under that logic let's examine.

If the books of the Bible are inspired then they would of existed from the Beginning, which they do not.

Each book was written under inspiration at a certain time, as each title, chapter and verse was inspired at a certain time. (but I wont be dogmatic with it).

My opinion is if you begin to doubt the KJV in even the smallest area of Preserved inspiration you will begin to doubt other areas of the KJV.

so then we agree not one book of the KJV Bible is without the identification of who the Author is. 65 books have the Author ID'd in the writing itself, while only Hebrews has it ID in the Title. but some of us see certain scriptures in Hebrews that point to Paul.

Like I said the important point is why God chose not to personally ID Paul as the Author under inspiration?