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Default Who is Hebrews written to?

I was trying to find evidence of when Hebrews was written and I came across a site that looked great for the first couple of paragraphs, using the phrase "rightly dividing" and the author was of the opinion that Paul was the author of Hebrews. Then he started talking about how 95% of original manuscripts put the general epistles except for Hebrews, after Acts, then place Hebrews after II Thessalonians and before I Timothy. He doesn't go into manuscript evidence but I assume it is largely not from the received text. He states his reasons why he believes Hebrews was written during his first Roman imprisonment and his reasons make some sense. He argues that Hebrews was actually written to gentiles. He gives some fairly decent arguments for that, you would have to read the article. I'm not sure how he gets past the title of the book, though! I don't think he's right. Another possibility is that Hebrews is written to the Jews in churches in areas where Paul had authority over gentile churches and perhaps piggybacked to that is the future application to the tribulation church, if there is such a thing. The author's conclusion is that the book of Hebrews should be included in the "Mystery of God" revealed to Paul. Even if the author is correct on when and who Hebrews is written by, I don't believe that the order of the books of the Bible have to be presented in chronological order. Hebrews seems not to fit with Paul's Mystery. I've never understood the book of Hebrews as I should.

If you check this guys website he's all about restoring the Original Bible

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