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Hi brother Paul. Thanks for your very well thought out reply. I agree completely. It is ironic how they often accuse us King James Bible believers as being mindless imbecils and bigoted rubes, and yet they cannot see the emptiness, contradiction and very poorly thought out shallowness of their confessions when they talk about what they believe concerning their never identified "The Bible".

As for supreme irony, I got a post from a guy who calls himself Ransom and if it is him (I really think it is), the picture is of some punk rocker with a half mowhawk type haircut. Real cute;-)

Here is what he says in response.

“Why do you King James only people attack the word of God?”

Because they are fake Christians who hate the word of God under the pretense of "defending" the word of God.

(And I didn't need Kinney's three Port-a-Potty loads of verbal diarrhea to make my point, either.)

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"I have more respect for professional pornographers and prostitutes than for [Bible] 'scholars' and 'translators.'" - "Vendetta Ride" shows the true fruit of KJV-onlyism

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I'll bet he has absolutely no clue as to how ironic his post is. I didn't respond. Didn't want to encourage him ;-)

God bless,

Will K