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Default Re: "Matthew 23:14 Inspired Scripture or not?"

Originally Posted by Critical Thinking View Post
"Well, it may seem that way, but that would mostly be because Will writes more than just about any one else (but look at the 1611 vs. 1769 thread). No, I didn't come here to argue with him or any one else. I am here to point out error wherever I find it. I am here to make posters and readers think.

Certainly, Chette. I was born-again as young lad. Jesus is my Savior, how about you? I was priviledged with several years of Christian education. I read my KJB and pray daily. Currently I am serving the Lord in several church ministries and regular personal evangelism. Thanks for asking

Aloha critical,

It's too bad that you are not here to EDIFY the brethren! It's sad that you are not here to witness to the TRUTH! It's a tragedy that you "think" that you can "MAKE" people "think" - instead of trying to PERSUADE them!

Your statement;
"While "my words will not pass away" is a true statement, it actually adds nothing to prove the authenticity of any particular words attributed to Christ. Thinking folks will recognize your inclusion of "my words will not pass away" as a circular argument here at best. You don't need it."
Now, I consider myself a "thinking" folk, and I don't consider brother Will's presentation as "a circular argument at best". Could it be that in addition to being a "thinking" person, that I am also a BELIEVING person? Hmmm? Your argument is fallacious, at best, and is quite "typical" of the "sophistical thinking" that is now taught in the majority of "CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS"!

Your statement:
"You certainly throw around a lot of scripture."
Your statement throws up a "red flag" for me. Anyone who loves the Holy words of God is going to use a lot of Scripture in trying to "persuade" others. Have you got an OBJECTION to a genuine Bible believer throwing "around a lot of Scripture"?

Your "critical" intellectual approach to the Scriptures is a sad "testimony" as to the "results" of a modern day "CHRISTIAN EDUCATION", instead of a "BIBLICALLY BASED EDUCATION"!

We don't take too kindly to STRANGERS joining the Forum, and without so much of a "Howdy Do", start in "CRITICIZING" some of the brethren here. Your "Signature" says it all: "CRITICAL thinking" - because you certainly are NOT doing any "SCRIPTURAL THINKING"!

Proverbs 26:12 Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him.