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Default The Bible has a voice of its own

When I consider the Bible translation issue I have come to the very valuable conclusion that the KJB is more than a mere translation of “ancient manuscripts” (don’t worry I am not making an idol out of a “mere 17th Century translation” bowing down and worshipping it). It has taken me almost 20 years to recognise this, but the KJB is not just one in the long line of a number of various translations that presents the archaic renderings of a language that no one speaks any longer, nor truly understands.

When I take into account what happened at a particular point in history, it really makes me appreciate that God’s authentic word is truly in my hand, my heart & my home. We are much more privileged than we realise to be entrusted as stewards of such a divine treasure that was in no way cheap in its journey into our houses.

There was a specific moment in time;

1) when the battle was at its hottest;
2) when spiritual opposition was at the height of its power; and
3) just (as if by chance) when the printing presses were invented

That God purposed that His word was to be clothed with a tongue that would reach the outer most parts of the world it amazes me!

Not only that, but it was the common tongue that made way for the word and not the other way around like it is today. The feminine language of the English bowed herself in total subjection to the authority of the divine masculine and as a result she took the name of her Lord & master into the whole world.
The moment that the English language had married herself to the power of the Scriptures, it was at that point in history that she was exalted and excelled beyond her counterparts!

It just shows what type of reverential awe that the translators of the KJB had when they approached the written word. These were spiritual men of God who held the Scriptures in such high esteem that they made it their deliberate choice to stretch the English language around the word in order to make it possible for the inspired words of truth communicate to us.

And again, I believe that this was no mere coincidence – the timing was perfect, the choice of godly men was perfect and so was application of their great learning.
These men followed the paths of the likes of William Tyndale who, when they couldn’t find equivalents to what was placed in the sacred text actually transliterated words into the text and created new words into the vocabulary such as “propitiation”.

Today they are doing the very opposite by taking words that are intended to be there and replacing them with “more understandable” paraphrases that substitutes divine light with human ideas.
As a result of this English has fallen into disrepair (e.g. just read an average text message) as she has forsaken her Lord, and now even the bibles that she is producing (under the guise of new light) create nothing only ignorance and confusion.

There is no way on earth that all of this is sheer coincidence, the fruit is the evidence in my book.
The lesson must be learned that when we hold the sword correctly it protects & equips us, as it did with the English language & its missionaries. But when the untrained play around with that same sword as though it is something that they can fashion into a pruning hook or give the people a plastic toy that is shaped like a sword they are destroying much more than they realise!

The past preaches to us, the present must hear its voice, otherwise it is the future that will bear its silence.


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