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Bro. Parrish
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Suppose this was your business, your job?
Mormons are being hunted down by the prop 8 radicals,
you can bet the Baptists are next...

Another Mormon run over by the
anti-Prop. 8 mobís bus

By Michelle Malkin

"You remember Marjorie Christoffersen.
My friend Diana West first alerted me to her plight in the aftermath of Prop. 8ís passage. Christoffersen is the Mormon restaurant manager of the El Coyote restaurant in Los Angeles who committed the sin of donating $100 to the traditional ballot measure. Her individual donation spurred an angry mob of gay activists to picket the cafe, threaten employees and patrons, and bully the business into contributing a payment to make the mob stop.
Now, in the wake of resignations by LA Film Festival director Richard Raddon and California Musical Theater director Scott Eckern, Christoffersen has joined these other Mormon voters in quitting her job over her support of Prop. 8. Gay groups are doing a happy dance."
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