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I have to chuckle. Any time you go from one language to another, verbal exactness is impossible. So the King James does not contain verbal exactness with the Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek. That is a no brainer. However, the Holy Spirit wrote the whole Bible and can quote the content of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek accurately into any language under the sun. Verbal exactness is not necessary to the Holy Spirit. That is why the Septuagent, the Geneva Bible, the King James Bible and even the Bibles based on the critical text are God's word and man is without excuse. In one language it might say Dottie worked from morning to evening. In another language it might say Dottie worked all day. As long as the translation is true, we have the word of God. It may not have verbal exactness, but if the translation is true to the original, you have inerrancy.
Now lets get on with following Jesus and carrying our crosses. Don't let the devil keep you in this never ending loop. Sure I prefer the King James for several valid reasons, but I make no issue with a saint that prefers one of the modern versions. If they get saved from the NIV, who am I to tell God He cannot do that. The masses today don't comprehend the English of the King James. I love it, but not everyone is me. So God reaches them where they are. Trust me, there are more worthy heresies that have crept into the church that need to be exposed, while you guys wrangle about Bible versions.