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He nailed the Law to the cross, thus making it no longer rule over us.
I believe in the Law, but that it is fulfilled by Christ in the believer. Therefore, I believe that the TEN COMMANDMENTS still apply today. If the Law has really passed away, the Ten Commandments would no longer apply. Take the fourth commandment, for example, while we do not literally observe the Sabbath, we do esteem every day to the Lord, and we do set aside the first day of the week for the Lord, worship and Christian fellowship.

I also believe that just because a prophecy or statement of the Law has been fulfilled, it does not mean that those words should actually pass away. This is because the Word is eternal and everlasting. "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away." (Luke 21:33).

I agree that the "Gaba"/"Geba" issue is not anything like the "Yahweh" corruption. The "Geba" issue is important because God's works are perfect, which would include His ability to manifest knowedge of the exact spelling of His words in the English Bible.

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