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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post

Just so you know I appreciate Hovind's study. I don't agree with it on every point. I have the set of CD's he put out. a few times throughout the set he will change the English KJV words by going to Hebrew. It is subtle denial that the KJV is perfect and preserved by God. He does so because some scriptures as they are in the KJV will not support some of his teaching so a change of words is needed.

But over all he has good work.
Brother Chette,

Oh my! If Kent Hovind or others are using Bible-correcting to support a point-of-view, that isn't good. A person should never desire to change the Word of God in an attempt to get it to fit properly in with their own beliefs. That is SCRARY!! I was not aware of that, so thank you for notifying me.

I think that, sometimes, ministers or others will do that because they doubt whether or not people could understand the KJV Bible without some help from them in explaining meanings. Rather than watering-down the message by changing words, I think that ministers should encourage people to become familiar with the KJV Bible and show them how vital it is to our true understanding. Yet, so few ministers of today remain true to the KJV! This ought to sadden every believer who loves the Word of God.

Other times, ministers may excuse themselves for turning to other versions (and away from the KJV Bible) because they don't want to appear to be too "narrow-minded." I've experienced people telling me that I needed to be less rigid and to allow for other translations... they will say, "AT LEAST PEOPLE ARE READING THE BIBLE!" No, they are reading A bible - they're not reading THE true Word of God!

I sure do wish that more ministers would stand up boldly for the KJV Bible!