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Originally Posted by Winman View Post
Well, to answer your question. I have been a Christian for 44 years, having received Christ as a boy of 11.
I am glad to see you sharing a little more about yourself. but being a Christian for 44 years proves nothing as far as wisdom.

Originally Posted by Winman View Post
I love the way you dispensationalists whether ultra, hyper, or whatever you call yourselves, believe yourselves to have superior knowledge and discernment over other Christians. It is just as several of the articles written by famous men of God have said.
you again accuse people of being superior intellectually while you yourself are being superior in being able to judge others and their hearts, and placing yours and the knowledge of others as more superior than Greenbears, Chette and George. I think Jesus had a name he called people like you?

Originally Posted by Winman View Post
Of course, I'm sure you believe yourself to be far wiser, more knowledgeable, spiritual, and having more discernment than this famous preacher.
here again you make a clear judgement of Greenbears heart as being "far more wiser and knowledgeable, spiritual and having more discernment" than a FAMOUS man. A Christian celebrity which doesn't prove he had the smarts enough to teach the Bible. And you are exalting the knowledge of a man over the Bible truth and facts, as shown by many scriptures George and others have tired to show. Ironside is just as weak and frail as you or I. Beware of man worship it is subtle.

Originally Posted by Winman View Post
If you would read his 7 chapter article, he will prove with scripture (rightly divided) that your belief system is absolutely full of error. Here is the article if you care (or should I say dare?) to read it.

Pastor Ironside was absolutely correct about those who follow this false teaching. They are full of intellectual and spiritual pride to an appalling extent.
Ironside is correct you are full of intellectual and spiritual pride. He speaks into a mirror of judgement. Ironside makes the same blind judgement as you, and his study is flawed by the fact of his Theological Slant. I have Ironside's commentary on John. It is easy to look back into historical writings and impose more recent knowledge on it and make it say something other than it did when it was inspired and penned.

This exactly the error of Ironside, you and many others. you make the Gospel of Grace retroactive into the narratives of the four Gospel writers and the Old Testament. They did not and could not have presented the gospel of grace in the life of Christ prior to the revealing of the mystery to Paul. (you have been shown all the scriptures already in many threads and posts)

This is part of Dominion, Replacement and Covenant Theology's technique to read into previous writings the Gospel of Grace. it is a flawed premise and a twisting of scriptures to placate their religious practice today.