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Steven & Strong,

Many err in ignorance, that is understood. However those who consciously and actively promote attacks on the pure King James Bible must be impelled by a very deep rebellion against God, even more so if they have had brethren present them with the basic truths. Can we talk about the Christianity and the salvation of those whose primary purpose in study is to attack the word of God ? If there so much bondage, if they are the tool used by spiritual principalities to fight the word of God, I believe we should be slow to talk about their lining up as Christians or commending their salvation based upon some particular doctrinal bar. If their primary writings and efforts are against the pure and perfect word of God, something is deeply awry on a very fundamental level.
This is a very good post my friend also very true. Most of the folks I know that read MV's always attack the AV. They also almost always will tell you that we do not have the perfect Word God in translation. They are always taught this by their " Godly Pastors and college professors. "

I know people who do not and will not read the King James Bible because of the old English.
Many of these same people that " will not read the King James Bible because of the old English " will read Shakespeare in spite of it's Old English. Maybe we need to revise Shakespeare and bring Shakespeare " up to date. " Many children in schools in all English speaking nations are being forced to read this " out dated " set of plays in schools all over the world. I have yet to hear of anyone that would not read Shakespeare because of the Old English have you? I have also yet to hear anyone say they could not understand Shakespeare because of it's Old English words. All of the libs that say we must update the AV would cry foul if we ever tried to touch Shakespeare and bring it up to date. I can almost hear the libs and high society types now saying, " how dare you try to revise Shakespeare? " Many times these are the same folks demanding the AV be revised and updated. If you defend the AV you are some kind of nut. It's a little ironic don't you think?


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