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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
HA HAHAAA!!!! okay Tony that is some funny stuff brother, I know we have our doctrinal squabbles, but I have to say you strike me as a very creative person with a lot of talent. My brother got into making the indian artifacts for a while, he is an avid hunter and gets a lot of his bone, horn and feathers from his game kills. That does seem like a cool hobby and I wish I could have seen the deputy's face.
Brother, I'm sorry if I offended you, or were harsh with you. If there is anything in the forum I have said that has hurt you in any way, tell me what it is and I'll do what needs to be done or whatever you want done, to make it right. There is no excuse for offensiveness or harshness, I have a home situation that's very hard, I have no right to let that cause me to be harsh or stern with you or anyone. There are many times here, as you know yourself, we have to stern and matter of fact, as with people like Tandi, let's agree to disagree, let's examine each other's positions, but not be like Paul and Barnabas over Mark, and then move on. You say what you feel led to say to me and don't feel inhibited. I reacted several times to you wrongly, I've reacted maybe several times to others wrongly. Again, I'm sorry. You or any person on this forum were on the street with me, and someone threw something as they often do on the street, I'd put myself between what was thrown and you. I took my eyes a few times off why I felt I was in this forum and looked at me a little too much. Let's just try and make this the best Bible forum on the web.

Brother, I like to create things. God is many things to many people, to me one of the many things is He is a Craftsman. Mom and Dad both were talented at making things, I just learned. I love to reproduce Indian artifacts that were used prior to the mid 1870s when they were confined on reservations. I got tired of merely making things, I like to reproduce things. Many like to make a skinning knife, I like to make a Cheyenne, Arapaho, or Sioux skinning knife from the shoulderblade of a buffalo. I've got one shoulderblade here I been making things from for 4 years, they are about $10-$15 cleaned, around 5 if you get them from a bison farm where they are harvested for meat. It's a cheap hobby too, one that don't take much investment.

I'll read the FAQ section here and then post some pictures of my work.

Grace and peace brother