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I was viewing a site I came across that I had seen in a post somewhere, it is called, I could not get the "shopping" tab to work so I could view the bibles they have for sale, but I did call them. They are sending me a catalog of their bibles, and she also told me they were the pure cambridge editions. I'm a little skeptical because she gave me a date of around 1983. But I asked about the 12 main verses, and she confirmed they was all correct, and also confirmed their bible is not the concord edition, but the old cambridge.

Like I said, I'm somewhat skeptical because of the 1983 date she gave me, but I thought it was interesting and would share what I discovered so far. Its worth a look anyways.

P.S. She also said they had it in black genuine leather & that she wasn't sure why cambridge university press would say they didn't make it at the moment, because that is where they get them from. (Hence why I'm skeptical it may be the concord edition) It is interesting at the least.

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