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First off, my screen name is suspicious ? It was just something I came up with. I have the same screen name for myspace. I didn't know a certain screen name would have me judged. I think it is very shallow and narrow minded that someone would make such an assumption based on a screen name. Maybe I couldn't think of anything better at the time. It has worked when all other screen names were taken already. What would you like ? You want my real name ? My real name is Tommy. Does that suit you better ?

And If you had read my post more carefully, you would have seen that I thanked all those who sincerely helped me, and I certainly don't remember pointing you out George for not being hospitable. I said I have received "some" less than hospitable responses. I may be a sensitive person, but you all need to work on how you talk to people too. I understand you have had spammers and one post wonders in the past as you call them, but that doesn't give you the green light to apply that tone with other people in whom you also don't know their hearts.

That is all I'm trying to say. Treat people with kindness, and speak to them in a good tone instead of having that initial suspicion in the back of your mind and applying a tone in your responses that can be viewed as negative. I really don't know what more to do to prove I'm a good person. Nor do I feel I should have to. But if it would make things better, have an administrator contact me to possibly change my screen name. If that will set some people at ease, I will be happy to change it. I went from asking sincere questions about bible versions, to defending my intentions. I think I have made my intentions clear.