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Bro. Parrish
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Originally Posted by illusionznc View Post
But some of you, (Bro. Parrish & Steven Avery) for example, act like I'm some spammer or waste of your time.
Sorry, I tried to make you feel welcome back in post no. 15.
No one here has stated you are wasting their time, so you may be jumping to conclusions there.

But here's the bottom line my friend: I don't want you or anyone else thinking that in order to have God's pure Word they have to print it themselves. And we can't have members concluding that God's Truth is "hard to obtain," we just can't---because God has made His inerrant Bible available to everyone. That old KJV Bible has been shipped to communist countries around the world. Millions have been given away by churches and pastors. Millions more have been placed in hotel rooms since 1908. Missionaries have carried it into the darkest jungles to give it to tribal communities without electricity or clean water. God loves you and His inerrant Word is being preserved for you right now, and that's really the core value of this forum. May God richly bless you as you seek to learn His Word!

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