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Originally Posted by tkg View Post
Here is what I have found out on the subject.

Why is it in Greek? From what I can tell its a later addition, many claim that it just was not written and that it was put on paper later after being passed down orally. As far as I am concerned, it is as simple as this man decided that it was outrageous for a book in the Holy Bible to not have the word God in it, so they added to it. God is mentioned 50 times in the additions, from what I can tell I think it was an attempt to add to Esther so it would be seen as more canonnical.

Why is it so short? Well, thats a question for whoever wrote it, I doubt we will ever know that answer till were in Heaven. But again, I believe they just wanted to stick God in there and be done. But I repeat myself.

As for God not being credited, well, I believe God just chose to hide His face. Reading it you understood that God played a role in it, didnt you? So be joyous that God works in our lives even if we do not directly recognize it or claim it.

Just my thoughts.

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Thanks! Good answers!