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My question is that the last chapter of Esther is rather short and seems (pardon me for saying this but) kinda pointless. The whole book of Esther never once mentions God and Esther marries a heathen! Extra chapters are part of Esther in the Apocrypha. Can someone please explain to me why (I think but I have no Bible to reference here at work) there were only 6 verses in the last chapter and then it was cut instead of including the rest. By cutting it off it seems to praise Moridicai (sorry, I am sure it is misspelled) instead of God.

Please, do not get me wrong. I am not an Apocrypha supporter. I really am not sure what I believe on the issue. Any help would be appreciated.
Esther as you know is an old testament book and was written in Hebrew, The additions to Esther can only be found in Greek. If they were written by the author of Esther than it would have been in Hebrew, from what I see it was an obvious attempt by someone to "fix" the book and make it talk about God directly.

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