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Let me just say one more thing...My husband who as I've said before knows the Bible like the back of his hand believes that God doesn't hate all unsaved. He hates the especially wicked.

In the Old Testament there appears to be 3 different types of people...the righteous, the wicked and the regular sinner? LoL

He loves His children (the saved) and while he doesn't necessarily hate the unsaved He doesn't love them as His own. His love with the unsaved is more benevolent...He doesn't wish them to perish, but is longsuffering and full of mercy.

But there are those who He hates...He still hates the same group "the wicked" in the OT and in the NT the wicked is called something else...?

In my mind I am picturing our earthly fathers. My husband as a father loves his children, but that doesn't mean he hates all the children that are not his...but neither does he love them in the same sense that he loves his children. He wishes them no ill will.

I hesitated to put this out there as I've not studied it out and only asked him in passing.

Please though, do not dissect this particular post. I am not teaching anything nor stating what I believe but giving another point of view as I understood it.

If there is a reply to this post by chopping it up and making it look ludicrous I will not reply. But if as Bro. Forrest did earlier and just post the evidence of why this is wrong I'd consider continuing in this thread.

God bless!