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The comments you all are making are great!

As to the uncles, we are very cautious as you all mentioned and really have very little to do with them at all just because that is the nature of my extended family. We're just not a close knit family. I appreciate the words of wisdom concerning that though...they are the type that have little respect and will drink or say pretty much what they please with little regard for a Christian. I could argue that they aren't really even saved...but I won't for sake of this particular discussion...

I really was trying to give an example...Is this only in a body of believers (church) setting or do we carry this out to every believer type of question.

Great examples on the covetous brethren too. I just have never personally seen (or heard of) a brother put away for this. I am thinking of one man in particular who I certainly would label as covetous, but just because his coveteousness is more visible, how are we to judge? I guess we can only go on the fruits that we see. He is certainly a good brother in other aspects.
I see what you are saying though as to just because you covet in your Christian life here and there (as we are all wont to do at times) doesn't make it a pattern...a lifestyle. We all sin, but if there is a pattern of a particular sin then that would be a cause for concern.

But again, I have never seen this carried out except perhaps w/ fornication...

Can you imagine the fall-out in a church for confronting (certainly putting away and having no fellowship with!) the greatly loved youth pastor who is doing a fantastic job with the youth and the youth group is growing for his coveteousness and lavish spending!? I think your average church attender would say it wasn't our business...

On the subject of the Post,
If a Brother or Sister is walking openly opposed to the Lord, (fornication, drunkenness as exampled) and glorying in the fact, or unrepentant in their sin, I believe that we should not fellowship with such a one that is so clearly indulging in sin and has no shame over it, however those who are struggling (and clearly so) with such sin, that genuinely feel remorse for their deeds, need Christian care and support to help them through, brotherly love must abound.
If the brethren in question don't care how their actions affect others and glory in their sin rather than glorying in the Lord, then I personally would choose to avoid that person (as and when it is possible) until they on the latter part be ashamed of their actions, but if that brother was so torn up by his actions and indeed the affect they had on OTHERS and needed help, well then of course by all means hold your hand out to that brother.
Bro. Steve, I like the way you worded that. Certainly is a godly picture you presented.

And please, I would like to discuss any/all aspects of this chapter not just the examples I gave. If there is something you'd like to point out or comment on or something you've taught on I Cor. 5 I'd love to hear it.